When it comes to timeless classics in Indian music, one cannot overlook the mesmerizing song “Abbas Se Kehna Hai” from the movie Umrao Jaan (1981). Sung beautifully by Asha Bhosle and set to the soulful music of Khayyam, this song has stood the test of time and continues to enthrall listeners to this day.

The Story Behind the Song

The song “Abbas Se Kehna Hai” is a poignant and emotional piece that captures the essence of love, longing, and sacrifice. It is set in the backdrop of the film Umrao Jaan, which tells the story of a courtesan and her tumultuous journey through life and love. The lyrics, penned by Shahryar, beautifully convey the emotions of the protagonist, Umrao Jaan, as she expresses her yearning for her beloved, Abbas.

Decoding the Lyrics

In order to truly appreciate the depth and beauty of the song “Abbas Se Kehna Hai,” it is important to delve into the meaning behind the lyrics. The song opens with the lines:

“Abbas se kehna hai, dukh na khaaye
Dete hain maut pe aansoo, aansoo na khaaye”

Here, Umrao Jaan implores Abbas not to bear the sorrow of her pain, as even death sheds tears that are priceless. This sets the tone for the song, highlighting the intense emotions and sacrifices that come with true love.

As the song progresses, Umrao Jaan expresses her emotional turmoil and the longing she feels for Abbas. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a love that is deep, pure, and enduring. Lines such as:

“Khoon ko aankhon se peene ka maza kuch aur hai
Zakhm ko ungli se chhune ka maza kuch aur hai”

capture the essence of a love that transcends physical boundaries and touches the soul.

Analyzing the Emotions

The song “Abbas Se Kehna Hai” is a masterclass in expressing complex emotions through music and lyrics. It evokes feelings of love, longing, pain, and sacrifice, all interwoven into a tapestry of beautiful poetry. The use of metaphors and imagery adds layers of meaning to the lyrics, making it a profound and unforgettable composition.

The Impact of the Song

Over the years, “Abbas Se Kehna Hai” has garnered a cult following and remains a favorite among music lovers and connoisseurs of Indian cinema. Its timeless appeal lies in its ability to resonate with listeners on a deep emotional level, touching the core of the human experience. The soul-stirring rendition by Asha Bhosle and the haunting melody by Khayyam make this song a classic in every sense of the word.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the significance of the song “Abbas Se Kehna Hai” in the movie Umrao Jaan?
  2. The song serves as a poignant moment in the film, capturing the emotions and struggles of the protagonist, Umrao Jaan, as she yearns for her beloved, Abbas.

  3. Who wrote the lyrics for “Abbas Se Kehna Hai”?

  4. The lyrics for the song were penned by the renowned poet Shahryar, known for his profound and evocative poetry.

  5. What is the central theme of the song “Abbas Se Kehna Hai”?

  6. The central theme of the song revolves around love, longing, sacrifice, and the depth of emotions that come with true love.

  7. Why is the song “Abbas Se Kehna Hai” considered a classic in Indian music?

  8. The song is considered a classic due to its timeless appeal, evocative lyrics, soulful rendition, and emotional depth that resonates with listeners.

  9. What role does the music play in enhancing the emotions conveyed in the song “Abbas Se Kehna Hai”?

  10. The music composed by Khayyam complements the lyrics perfectly, creating a hauntingly beautiful melody that amplifies the emotions expressed in the song.

In conclusion, “Abbas Se Kehna Hai” is not just a song but a journey through the depths of human emotions and the power of love. Its timeless appeal and universal themes make it a gem in the treasure trove of Indian music, reminding us of the enduring legacy of poetic expressions in art and culture.


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