In any football match, predicting the starting lineups of the teams can provide invaluable insight into how the game might play out. For the upcoming fixture between AGMK and Al-Ittihad, understanding the potential lineups can give fans and analysts an idea of how each team might approach the game. The formations and player selections can play a crucial role in determining the outcome of the match. Let’s delve into the predicted lineups for both AGMK and Al-Ittihad in this highly anticipated clash.

AGMK Predicted Lineup:

Formation: 4-2-3-1


  • Jasurbek


  • Dostonkulov
  • Sergeev
  • Shorahmedov
  • Krimets


  • Toshmatov
  • Kobilov
  • Kapadze
  • Karimov
  • Karimov


  • Krimets

Al-Ittihad Predicted Lineup:

Formation: 4-3-3


  • Mansour


  • Al-Abid
  • Al-Otaibi
  • Al-Shahrani
  • Al-Faqih


  • Al-Ghamdi
  • Al-Khaibari
  • Al-Miqah


  • Al-Owais
  • Kariri
  • Al-Khaibari

Key Points to Note:

  • AGMK is expected to field a more defensively solid lineup with a midfield duo focused on shielding the backline.
  • Al-Ittihad may opt for a more attacking setup, utilizing pace and skill in the final third.
  • Individual player matchups, set-piece strategies, and in-game tactical adjustments can all influence the course of the match.

Tactical Analysis:

  • AGMK’s midfield cohesion and defensive organization will be vital in limiting Al-Ittihad’s attacking threats.
  • Al-Ittihad’s front three will look to exploit spaces behind AGMK’s defensive line and create goal-scoring opportunities.
  • The battle in midfield will be crucial, with both teams vying for control and dictating the tempo of the game.


  1. Who is the key player to watch in the AGMK lineup?

Answer: Kapadze is a key player in AGMK’s midfield, known for his creativity and work rate.

  1. Which Al-Ittihad player can cause problems for AGMK’s defense?

Answer: Kariri is a dynamic forward whose movement and finishing ability pose a constant threat.

  1. How important is the role of the goalkeepers in this matchup?

Answer: Both Jasurbek and Mansour will play crucial roles in organizing their defenses and making key saves.

  1. Will set-pieces play a significant role in deciding the outcome of the match?

Answer: Given the physicality of both teams, set-pieces could indeed prove decisive in swinging the game in favor of either side.

  1. Which team has a stronger recent form coming into this fixture?

Answer: AGMK has been on a winning streak, while Al-Ittihad has shown resilience in their recent matches, making this a finely poised encounter.

Predicting the exact lineup and tactics for a football match is always subject to change based on various factors. Nonetheless, having an understanding of the potential lineups can provide valuable insights for fans and analysts alike in the buildup to the game. As AGMK and Al-Ittihad prepare to face off, the tactical nuances and individual battles on the field are sure to make this matchup a compelling watch for football enthusiasts.


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