An offeree. An executor. A promisor. A) an efficient offer. B) not an efficient offer as a result of it has not been communicated to Mary.

Ch 10.doc – Chapter 10 1. Jack guarantees to purchase Lizette’s used textbook for $60. Jack is a. A promisee.

​a period and a termination. ​an provide and an acceptance. ​specific quality requirements. Hillside sends a written copy of the agreement roblox twitter images to Greg to be signed. If Greg signs the copy, the events may have a.

Jana and Levi have formed a. Clay presents to pay Dian $50 for a golf lesson for Ewan. They agree to satisfy on Friday to change the cash for the lesson. Lori accepts the supply. A valid contract requires a. ​a value and a subject.

Write In – Nik – Quiz 9.19- This is an implied contract based mostly on the conduct of both events…. Informal contracts embody all contracts other than formal contracts. A) imposes an ethical obligation on Kingston to pay Melina.

A click-on agreement. A shrink-wrap agreement. A choice-of-law clause. C.not a sound acceptance as a outcome of Ray’s offer was made in jest.

​consideration. ​practicality. ​acceptability.