303® Fabric Guard keeps fabrics recent, delicate, colourful and breathable…all whereas adding a robust coating to repel water and forestall probably the most severe of stains. Use it to keep rugs clean, leather interiors fresh and covers blemish-free. You may even spray it in your convertible top’s seams to forestall wicking. When applied to clean and dry fabrics, 303® Fabric Guard restores misplaced water and stain repellency to straight-from-the-factory ranges. Keep all your favorite materials crisp and clean for years to come.

Hi I even have one coat of 303 fabric guard on new automobile fabric seats. Can I swap to the 303 stain guard for the second coat? This fabric protector offers loads of other advantages. For occasion, it can be applied to a broad range of materials.

This product ought to be used on hot days, with an outdoor temperature larger than 21 ° C. The treated material ought to be protected against moisture or rain until it dries completely after making use of the product. Use after cleaning materials to revive water repellency and cease leaks. The awning on my RV is 7 years old and was permitting water through in a variety of locations. I washed it with dish cleaning soap and a soft brush and utilized the 303 from the spray bottle after it had totally dried. The finish result was not precisely what I was in search of.

So in case you have an awning, a boat cover made with Sunbrella material, these products are excellent for you. Let me present you how nicely it actually works on this boat cover. 303 Fabric Guard is the one product really helpful by and for Sunbrella®, as well as other fabric producers to restore misplaced water and stain repellency. It provides unbeatable safety in opposition to soiling, water-based AND oil-based stains, and is secure sufficient to make use of on probably the most delicate of fabrics.

303 Fabric Guard may also repel oil, soil, grease, and dust. Silicone products truly appeal to dust and soil with a barely cheesy film. Silicone water repellency lasts on average 2-3 months, as in comparison with 303 Fabric Guard that protects for as much as three years on low-traffic fabrics. Silicone has that harsh, pungent odor during application; whereas 303 Fabric Guard has a mild, clean odor. Of course, as quickly as it dries, there is not a scent in any respect. Thanks to its sturdy and sturdy formula, your car seats and mats will stand up to 3 years of protection from water, stains, and contaminants.

Not only will it be troublesome to make use of, it will also be troublesome to retailer. For those who have been looking for a new 303 high tech material guardtm , there are numerous totally different measurement and colour choices to choose from. One can discover a 303 high tech material guardtm that’s the right measurement with the proper colour simply by going on a search on-line. 303 high tech cloth guardtm supplies range from producer to manufacturer.

Outdoor materials embrace canvas convertible tops, biminis, and boating enclosures. 303 high tech material guard and 303 cloth guard are the identical product. 303 excessive tech cloth guard protects all new or freshly cleaned material and carpet upholstery from water, soil, grease and sun harm for up to a yr.

303 fabric guard is more sturdy; On outdoor materials, 303 high tech cloth guard restores misplaced water repellency and stain repellency to manufacturing unit new ranges. Hi I’m Bobby Cleveland the Golden Eagle engine reply man and right now I’d like to show you some amazing products for cleansing and defending your fabrics. 303 Fabric Vinyl cleaner and 303 High-tech material guard are so versatile. You can use them on your cloth, carpet and fabric. They are literally the only cleaner and water repellency agent that Sunbrella recommends.

The drying time is 6-12 hours, depending on the temperature. This is a extremely nice product for my ragtop on my S2000. Great for water proofing water beads nicely when used as directed. I was gonna use silicon spray however i heard that stuff builds up nevertheless it’s going to water proof it and the silicon spray isn’t chuc me UV proof. Another precaution i would use while utilizing this product is to cover your glass windows earlier than applying as these items builds up on home windows and hard to come back off.