He tells her that she won’t maintain any phrases with the Oberois. Shivay shatters on seeing Priyanka injured. Shivay breaks down and will get angry on Anika. Anika tells Nikhil that she won’t have any relation with Shivay and Oberois. Shivay recollects the happy instances and feels sorry that everything received ruined due to Anika. Anika tells Nikhil that she was at Oberoi mansion.

Together, they expose the fake Shivaay, Mahi. Simultaneously they expose Ranveer and his foster mother, Kamini who’s Shivaay’s father’s former girlfriend. It’s revealed that Mahi is Kamini’s illegitimate son with Shakti as she desires to make use of her son for Oberoi wealth. Afterwards, it’s revealed that Priyanka isn’t pregnant.

He holds her responsible for the humiliation he confronted because of her. The upcoming track will bring in some thrilling twists and turns within the storyline. He will confess that he’s a brother of Oberoi brothers. An intoxicated Veer will inform everyone that he’s Shivaay’s aunt’s son. He has only entered the mansion to take vengeance.

Gauri tells him to cut the cake that’s low fats. SSO says people who can not bake a cake, buy from market. Anika tells him to come to their gang. She also reminds Shivaay that he’s a bad singer.

Anika will doubt Veer’s intension and will comply with Shivaay to protect him. But that won’t end the monitor right here because the makers have decided to introduce Anika’s lookalike. Anika struggles to know about this new enemy however unfortunately gets seen by Veer, due to a mysterious girl catching Anika. Apparently, this new lady is none apart from Anika’s look-alike who Veer will use towards Oberoi household and to idiot Shivaay. Furthermore, all of the Oberoi brothers along with their companions and Veer will get excessive on bhang. After shedding conscious, all seven of them will sit collectively in a circle.

As per an exclusive report in Pinkvilla, #Shivika will die in an accident . The other members of the Oberoi household will transfer overseas and hence, not be a half of the leap. Shivansh Singh Oberoi, who is a rockstar, will then take the narrative ahead and unravel the truth behind his parents’ death. Debutante, Manjiri will play the position of a police officer and Shivansh’s love interest. Apparently, the two will meet when Shivansh will get kidnapped and finally rescued by Manjiri.

Shivay doesn’t want Anika to have any happiness in her life. Priyanka slips in coma, which shocks Obros further. They surprise when will Priyanka break what electric field e⃗ (strength) will cause the bead to hang suspended in the air out of coma. Shivay feels failed as a brother as he couldn’t do something to protect Priyanka.