Its widespread for an extension’s content material scripts to wish information managed by one other part of the extension, just like the extension’s background script. Much like two browser home windows opened to the identical net page, these two contexts cannot immediately access one another’s values. Instead, the extension can use message passing to coordinate across these totally different contexts.

Indicates the ID of the imported shared module extension which updated. This is present provided that ’cause’ is ‘shared_module_update’. Fired when the extension is first put in, when the extension is up to date to a brand new version, and when Chrome is updated to a new model. Connects to a native application within the host machine. See Native Messaging for extra info. Calling disconnect() on an already-disconnected port has no effect.

@hamzasharif tried reproducing using the same OS/Browser combo, and not getting the identical errors. I’ve seen each time I shut Chrome and re-open then go to a page that interacts with the MetaMask extension it breaks the sites integrations. It took 1-2 minutes to level out another error Invalid Infura project ID in background.html – I assume for this reason Metamask does not totally load in my case . I receive this problem from all pages where extension run.

When a port is disconnected, no new occasions will be dispatched to this port. The name of the port, as specified in the name to runtime.connect. The body that opened the connection. 0 for top-level frames, constructive for baby frames.

Attempts to join to connect listeners within an extension/app , or different extensions/apps. This is useful for content scripts connecting to their extension processes, inter-app/extension communication, and net messaging. Note that this does not connect to any listeners in a content script. Extensions may connect with content material scripts embedded in tabs by way of tabs.join.

‘periodic’ is used when the system runs for greater than the permitted uptime set within the enterprise policy. In this instance, the content script needs some data from the extension’s background script so as how many staircases does hogwarts have to initialize its UI. To get this data, it passes a get-user-data message to the background, and the background responds with a replica of the person’s information.

This occasion isn’t fired when an incognito profile is began, even when this extension is working in ‘split’ incognito mode. Fired when a connection is produced from one other extension (by runtime.connect). Restart the ChromeOS system when the app runs in kiosk mode after the given seconds. If referred to as once more earlier than the time ends, the reboot shall be delayed. If known as with a price of -1, the reboot might be cancelled. It’s solely allowed to be known as repeatedly by the primary extension to invoke this API.

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Has there been any replace to this issue? I truly have been attempting to plot a 3d plot the place the I truly have 2 ranges of group – there are a number of time points for an individual and each individual additionally belongs to a group. So, I want to create a 3d line plot the place each line (time-series like data) represents an individual, and the color of the line provides information about the group.