Phoenix – Great for boys or ladies and a reference to the mythical chook. Evie – A play on the name Eve, that means life, and vigorous, which she surely will be. In honor of her, I’ve added this hippie child name record for your lovable boho lady [pii_email_735d0175964d4f0124cf]. Yes you presumably can. If there’s one one that can handle any annoying state of affairs it’s you. You’re always so chill and mellow and that makes you an asset to your group of associates.

Dahlia – A attractive name for a wonderful flower. The nickname Doll and Dolly are cute. Hey my first quiz. It’s pretty dumb tho…anyway when you assume there’s any aesthetics I’ve missed just tell me within the feedback.

Karma – The buddhist philosophy of karma aligns along with your peace and love ideals. Haven – Another word for protected place or refuge, Haven would match any boho girl. Clover – Gaining reputation, but still recent and intelligent. Autumn – This various to fall is gaining popularity for being unique and funky. Take a magical aesthetic and themed question quiz and uncover whether or not you are a witch, wizard, warlock or sorceress and what your magical name is. You’ll get a primary name and a last name.

This bird can additionally be a symbol of immortality in Egypt and was a popular name for hippies in the 1950s. As a outcome, it’s no surprise that many of those names are derived from plants. Consider the words natural, green, flowers, and nature.

Pink and Will Smith gave it to their daughters, and it has lately gained recognition as a girl’s name. Saffron, one of the most pricey spices in the world, might sound slightly uppity these days, however in the Sixties, calling your baby this was kind of on the market. Some could also be unable to get over the connection with the British comedy Absolutely Fabulous.

As lengthy as you remember to ensure you do not take serious conditions too frivolously, you will get through life simply. Dusk, the time between day and night time, is a great name linked to the pure cycle of life that was well-liked within the hippie communities in 1960s. Members of this community advocated for openness and tolerance and this lifestyle was mirrored in how they named their kids. Happy in your own world, you like how folks was soo friendly and cheery in the old times. You carry an aura of your personal, leaving an enchanting fragrance whenever you move by.

Their names have the essence of their lifestyle – this love for nature, color, creativity and freedom. You’re a delicate little flower that no one would ever want to hurt. Don’t let your appearance fool them although. You have a very groovy facet to you that solely comes out if you’re with your folks having a great time. You’re continually growing as an individual, identical to a flower grows every day. Phoenix is a mythical, Egyptian fowl with shiny gold and red feathers that is in a constant cycle of life and death.

It won’t be correct… Our content is created to the best of our data, but it is of general nature and can’t in any means substitute a person session by your physician. Your health is necessary to us. Quirky and enjoyable, you reside in the moment.

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The results have beautiful footage in the results! A few of them but not all of them have a brief descr… Plus, like all the time, all of the names that I’ve researched and suggested below have the origin and that means with them as nicely. Have you ever wondered what you’ll be called, should you were a hippie? Well, this quiz if your likelihood to seek out out!